Rocket Raj

What's it gonna be, boy? ... I can wait all night...

We have several things going on at this site:

1. History of the 70's and 80's hard rock music

2. Guitars and hardware seen most frequently in the genre

3. Albums I want to tell you about- especially hard rock albums

4. Radio singles from the pop world of that era

5. Essays and insights on interesting topics of the era, like live albums and the lies about disco

6. My music, my lyrics, and my bands are currently on Rajutopia, but I may bring that stuff here. I  may not. As Shakira says, "we can always play it by ear".

The line above was NOT intended as a lame reason to post a picture of Shakira, fortunately, it worked out. Now click on the sidebar to view the next page.

Number of people who have taken the stairway to heaven AND the highway to hell and lived to tell the tale: